>This song may save your marriage


Here on Affaircare we strive to bring our readers content that will strengthen their marriages and make them affair-free. When I heard this song I just knew that I had to share it’s wisdom. The lyrics are powerful so please listen to it more than once.


Here’s what you need to do: Listen to the song by clicking on this link. If you agree with us that this song has a powerful message that couples need to hear, share it with EVERYONE you know.

Please leave a comment below with how this song has blessed you and your marriage.

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This “married giggle” has been brought to you by Igniter Media Group and Get In Here Ministries–and Affaircare. 😀

1 thought on “>This song may save your marriage

  1. >That's AWESOME!!! lolI had never heard of those guys before, til just a couple days ago, Michael Smalley posted that his dad, Gary Smalley did a video with them…and Gary did the ROBOT in the video. You have to look it up. Another funny one!!!Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Don't!stu@themarryblogger.com

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