>Doctors and Stay At Home Moms? Really?

According to the article on Shine “Who Cheats? Docs and Stay at Home Moms” members logging into a married “dating” site were asked their profession. The top five professions for those logging on to cheat….er “date”… were:

For Women:
1. Teachers
2. Stay-at-home Moms
3. Nurses
4. Administrative Assistants
5. Real Estate Agents

For Men:
1. Physicians
2. Police Officers
3. Lawyers
4. Real Estate Agents
5. Engineers

What does this survey tell us?

Well, it would seem that all of these professions are very stressful jobs with long hours. I think it’s interesting to note that for both men and women, being a real estate agent seems to be risky profession for being vulnerable to an affair. I also note that most of the women’s professions are what I would call “caring” professions where they have to care for another person. My guess is that women in these professions spend long hours away from their spouse, are not able to relate to their spouse some of the stresses of the job, and crave some appreciation for all the caring effort they put in. Likewise I note that all of the men’s professions are the ones we might call the “powerful men” who have positions of trust and larger earnings. Here, my guess would be that the men spend long hours away from their spouse, are not able to relate the stresses of their job to their spouses, and also are the type to crave some appreciation for what they do.

The biggest message I get from this list is that all of these professions are “normal people.” Not only celebrities, professional athletes, evangelists, rock stars and politicians are unfaithful! The doctor can flirt with his nurse if his spouse doesn’t make the effort to understand the stress; the stay-at-home-mom can find a thrill from the old boyfriend on Facebook if her husband doesn’t make the time to offer some assistance and really appreciate her for all that she does! So STAY VIGILANT and keep your marriage affair-free by making the time and taking the time.

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