Happiest Moments of 2010

There have been several things this year that just made us giggly with happiness, so let’s take a moment and review those moments. After all, one way to be happier is to remember those happy moments! So without further adieu, here are the happiest moments of 2010:

  • Celebrating family birthdays together.  With nine of us in the family, we have one almost every month, PLUS there are spouses, fiances, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings…let’s just say we use almost any excuse to get together as a family, eat, and open presents.
  • The “Hunt for Happiness” series I wrote for Portland Infidelity Examiner–specifically the article: “Does a love affair and divorce lead to more happiness?”  What can I say?  It was good!
  • Joining the Talk About Marriage forum.  We’ve officially been there for a year now, and you know what?  We LOVE posting over there.  Yeah…very happy moment.
  • Celebrating Marriage Week in February here on the blog and privately with my Dear Hubby.  Hey, I’m actually in love with Dear Hubby and I intend to keep it that way!
  • Celebrating our anniversary–that’s always very special to me.
  • Receiving the Sunshine Award from TheMarryBlogger.  I realize it’s silly and not THAT big of a deal, but I was pretty happy!  Plus I admire Stu and the work he does on his blog, so it was special getting a nomination from him.
  • Getting a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday.  Only it wasn’t just any old chocolate birthday cake.  Oh no!  Dear Hubby made it by scratch and it was about four layers of every imaginable kind of chocolate!  YUM.
  • Joining ProConnect at YourTango.  We had the amazing blessing of being one of the founding members of ProConnect and meeting one dynamo of a woman, Melanie Gorman.  What a gift that was, and we are so happy to be associated with such a professional organization.
  • Our oldest daughter graduated from college.  Don’t get me wrong, not every one of our children is the “go to college” type, but when she graduated I was very happy and very proud of her accomplishment.  GOOD JOB, HONEY!
  • The annual summertime family vacation, this year to go see Styx and then Weird Al in concert.  We trek across the state, stay in a nice hotel, go out to eat, see scenery…and oh yeah, it changed our youngest daughter’s life.
  • Happiness Happens Week and the celebrations here on the blog and at YourTango.  I got more comments, talk, buzz, and media chit chat about “Happiness Happens: 20 Tips to Increase Your Happiness” than any other article all year!
  • Our first interview on the air!  Oh we had the indescribable privilege of meeting Courtnee Scott, the Haidmaiden behind Headaches of a Holy Handmaiden (HHH).  She asked us to come talk on the Handmaiden Live BlogTalk Radio, and we had so much fun she asked us back again the next week.  Yes, Courtnee makes us happy and through her we have met many, many brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • In October we had the joy of releasing our first book.  I say “first” because now that we’ve written one we have several more in the works: one written specifically to disloyal spouses, another that is the “seven steps” for Christians, another that teaches about marital fidelity, and probably for fun, a systematic theology for beginners.
  • Spending GREAT family time for the holidays, seeing almost all of the kids and their significant others, spending time with the relatives, eating food together and singing, decorating the tree, laughing at the “bird’s nest” at the top of our tree, watching “The Santa Clause” and “Polar Express” while holding hands, singing Handel’s Messiah together, and discovering the movie “The Nativity Story.”
  • The final happy moment of 2010 was celebrating the Affaircare blog’s one year birthday.
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3 thoughts on “Happiest Moments of 2010

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  2. >what a great post! I loved hearing all about your happiest moments and am so honored that I got to connect with you this year. I am excited about what God has in store for Affair Care and all of the marriages that have been plagued by infidelity. Heres to 2011!

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