Save Our Marriage Saturday–June 16th

We have a tradition here at Affaircare. We call it “Save Our Marriage Saturday”–and we’re sharing the love.  Link-love that is!  Every Saturday we hold a link-up party so you can share a post of your own and we can all help each other to save our marriages!

Please share your post on any and all things related to saving your marriage after an affair, reconciling after you committed adultery, recovering your marriage after finding out that your spouse cheated, or keeping your marriage affair-free!

1. Please link to your actual “Save Our Marriage Saturday” post, not just the address to your blog or site home page.

2. Please leave me a comment–I would love to visit your site, return the favor, and follow you!

3. Please help me spread the word. Let’s create a community of Christian believers who want to bring glory to God by teaching our brothers and sisters about how to have a godly marriage, how to avoid the typical traps that lead to infidelity, and how to be a living testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation if one spouse is unfaithful.

4. Link back to this community, either by using the button below or a text link. You can find the button code here for you to insert in your post:


5 thoughts on “Save Our Marriage Saturday–June 16th

  1. Many years ago when I was in a church where the Lord was really moving and I was being used by the Lord and really sought after by many people. The people who should have been my top priority, my wife and kids, were most of the time my last priority.

    It took a vision from the Lord to see what I was doing to my family and to set my priorities straight.

    In this vision I saw a very large river with people on both sides of the river. In their hands each had a ladle and they were dipping it into the river and drinking from it. As I followed the course of the river, it narrowed to a stream and it got smaller and smaller and the flow of water got less and less until finally the river that had became a stream finally ended. It was at the very end of the stream where the water no longer flowed that I saw my wife and kids with ladles in their hands but there was no water left for them.

    This was a picture of me. I ministered to everyone that asked and didn’t want to say no to anyone. Thank God He showed me the cost that my family was paying before it was too late.

  2. I’m brand new at blogging and haven’t figured out much- but our marriage had a porn-affair. It is all over now, praise God, and I hope to help others in the same situation! Blogs like yours really helped me through those early days and continue to. Blessings!

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