Signs Your Spouse May be Cheating

You’ve suspected for days, maybe weeks.  Something is wrong or off between you and your spouse, and you’re beginning to wonder if maybe they might be…. NO! That’s not possible.  Other people have affairs, not you two; what you have is special. Then again there was that thing last week, and when you brought it up, your spouse twisted it around as if YOU were the one with the jealousy issue!  ”You’re just being paranoid–you’re crazy for thinking like that!” they said.  Still there’s that nagging doubt in your mind.

Here are some of the signs of a spouse that may be cheating.  These behaviors are only some of the indicators of a cheating spouse!  If your spouse has one or two of these behaviors, and there is a legitimate reason and a mutual agreement (such as you two talk about it and agree to try to lose weight…and they’ve gone a little obsessive about it), these signs do NOT prove infidelity.  But when you observe several, or maybe MOST, of these behaviors, your marriage may be in trouble!  Again, let me reiterate that these behaviors are only some of the indicators of  an affair–to see “ALL the Signs Your Spouse May be Cheating,” please click on the link to see our article!

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The Classic Clue:
When you see lipstick on your husband’s shirt or strange hairs on their clothing or in the car.

1–Some of the ‘Gut Instinct’ signs:

  • The telltale sign of a cheating spouse? Having to ask that question in the first place.
  • Your intuition (gut feeling) tells you that something is not right.

2–Some of the ‘Behavior That Is Not Their Usual Character’ signs:

  • When your partner shows up without their wedding ring
  • When your mate becomes suddenly forgetful and you have to tell him/her everything several times; their thoughts are obviously elsewhere.
  • When your wife sleeps with her purse by the bed.
  • When they encourage you to have a social life and go places out of town, and it seems like they’re trying to get you “out of the house.”

3–Some of the ‘Birth Control’ signs:

  • When you find birth-control pills in the medicine cabinet, and you’ve had a vasectomy -OR-
  • When you find condoms in the car or in his pockets, and you are on the pill.

4–Some of the ‘Showering/Cologne’ signs:

  • When they arrive home and head straight into the shower or bath, and they work an office job.
  • When he or she has worn the same fragrance for years, and suddenly they are wearing something new and wearing MUCH more than usual.

5–Some of the ‘Uncomfortable Around You’ signs:

  • When your mutual friends start acting strangely toward you, because they either know about the cheating or have been told stories about what a horrible spouse you are.
  • When your spouse avoids social events with you, as if they want to cover up that they are with you.

6–Some of the ‘Electronic Clues’ signs:
Email clues~

  • When your spouse spends all their time on the email, checking their email, or fooling with email somehow.
  • When your husband or wife suddenly deletes all emails from the email account (and it’s not just a clean up) and in the past they used to let them accumulate.

Cell phone clues~

  • When you aren’t allowed to ever look at or use their cell phone, and they go to great lenghts to make certain their cell is not answered by you.
  • When your spouse is secretive about their cell phone and it is on their person 24/7, and they are on it talking or texting that whole time.

Computer signs~

  • When they stay up to “work” or “play a game” on the computer after you go to bed. Excessive internet usage, especially late at night, is a red flag.
  • When your spouse will not allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room.

7–Some of the ‘Things Are Just Different at Home’ signs:

  • When he/she shows a sudden interest in a different type of music that they really disliked before.
  • When he/she has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home…including the children.
  • When they talk to you they treat you abusively or with disdain, disrespect or excessive sarcasm. Or. . . they may begin to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to justify their affair.

8–Some of the ‘Lots and Lots of Changes’ signs:

  • When s/he joins the gym and begins a rigorous workout program and “hated” exercise before.
  • Her: When she gets spiffed up and dresses provocatively to “go grocery shopping” or to “get her hair done.” She may also show up with a sudden change of hair style. Him: When he showers, shaves (cologne, deodorant, etc.) and dresses up more than usual to “go out with his buddies” or to “go fishing.”

9–Some of the ‘Telephone Mannerisms That Are Different’ signs:

  • When your phone bills show unexplained toll or long distance charges. Often you’ll find one phone number listed excessively.
  • When they behave differently or end the telephone call abruptly when you enter the room…or appear to hang up quickly.

10–Some of the ‘Automobile Related Clues That Something is Up’ signs:

  • When you find suspicious items in the car like phone numbers, receipts, lipstick, condoms or strange hairs in the vehicle.
  • When s/he “goes to the store for groceries” or “goes to get some gas” or “goes to the bank” (a task that should take just a few minutes) and comes home 5 hours later.
  • When you notice increased gas purchases that are inconsistent with the amount of miles on the car.

11–Some of the ‘Paper Trails of a Cheating Spouse’ signs:

  • When you find credit card receipts for gifts you didn’t receive -OR- your credit card bills itemizes gifts you didn’t receive (such as florist or jewelry).
  • When you find ATM receipts bearing a time/date stamp from a city you don’t recognize. [Cheating costs money! To play you must pay.]
  • When they begin to volunteer to go to the post office, rushes to check the mail before you do or opens up a new P.O. box perhaps without even telling you.

12–Some of the ‘Sex Tip-offs That Something’s Wrong’ signs:

  • When s/he is no longer interested in sex, or s/he makes excuses for its infrequency.
  • When your spouse starts to request kinky or other erotic sexual activity (behavior) that you’ve never done before, including watching porn.

13–Some of the ‘Work-related Clues That They May Be Cheating’ signs:

  • When they supposedly work a lot of overtime, but it never shows up on the pay stub.
  • When you find out by accident he or she took vacation day or personal time off from work – but supposedly worked on those days.

14–Things you’ll hear:

1. “We are just friends.”
2. “I need you to respect my privacy.”
3. “I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.”
4. “I need some space to figure out my feelings.”

7 thoughts on “Signs Your Spouse May be Cheating

  1. Hey folks,
    I will make this quick:
    I know it’s not an absolute, but I have to face that my wife has been exhibiting most of these behaviors many times thru our 15 year marriage. Even came home from work (after not being reachable for almost two hours), took her clothes off and threw them in the wash machine, then headed straight for the bathtub. She had large red marks on her back, clearly made from large hands/fingers… and in places an human simply can’t reach. Yet she denied anything was going on, said she “knew I would say some thing, ..” and was very smirk y and smug. I’ll cut to the chase. .. how stupid am I for loving her and our children so much that I constantly give her the benefit of the doubt?
    I think I already know the answer here. ..

  2. Every single word you said was my life last summer but the sex part my husband hated sex with me he just wanted a Quick 123 Don’t touch me don’t kiss me yuck that was his attitude I’m not ugly not trying to say I’m someone great but I was a model and still get offers to model after kids you can look up my Facebook Patricia wells from Breaux bridge, la I have 3 kids they are my world I would do what ever I have to do to make them happy a 6 year old boy and a 5 year old girl and a 1 year old when this started I was pregnant With my 1 year old

    he took a job that had him travel to different place to sell credit card Machines My husband owns a business with his father and his brother a blacktop company in Wisconsin and that’s where we live in the summertime we really don’t have to work in the winter time but he chose to get an extra job because I was pregnant I didn’t want him to I had a bad feeling and guess what things change dramatically he did not come home till week before I had my baby and all my kids of had a week early I have bad problems when I have kids I have them a month early but I have placenta irruption and they are very under weight do I new my son would come early I told my husband we had 2 kids begin this that happen the same way all the signs was there even my specialist said it would happen again but he was determined to leave Needless to say I went in thehospital and had to have a emergency C-section and my baby had to stay in I CU for a week he got out on Easter Day

    my husband left to go back to Wisconsin claming he had to work and I didn’t want him to I just felt we was never together and the hole time in the hospital he told me he couldn’t set there he can’t sit still he said he’s got to drive around The first time I had the baby he told me that he was going to get something to eat he did not come back to 5 o’clock that morning I was so mad and so sad I just had a C-section all I wanted to do was go see my baby but I need his help and he wasn’t there he told me he slept in the car and I believed him but guess what when you think they are acting weird they are it’s because they’re doing something Come to find out my husbands full pledge gay

    I married him at 18 years old ran off I was a virgin I thought he loves me he’s a song leader of the church’s father was a pastor and we been together for 10 years three kids that’s when all my problems began he left without me the day after the baby that are the nick you the day after Easter 2014 I come up to him after the babies first month shots and he is so mean and so hateful to me like he wished I wasn’t even there my mom and dad drive me up there so I have help hey man excuse to go get food for my family and stay gone for three hours To the point where they just made sandwiches that was in the refrigerator Then he brings the food back it’s ice cold and my families already in bed you start yelling at me on the line was so long I can’t help that I was trying to do a good deed and my mom and I was leaving he told me I’m in a be working a lot lately and probably working off I’m not going to be home you should just go back with your mom and dad and then come back I said no I haven’t seen you in a month you haven’t even seen your baby he told me if you don’t leave I’m leaving I don’t want to hear your mouth that you can’t handle 3 kids by your self so go so I went and went and went crying because I never seen my husband act like this like I said his the song leader his a preacher his a man of God all I could think was he don’t love me not that his having an affair but guess again

    All summer he sent me home for crazy reason and worked off and got rooms when his dad and brother came home my aunt just found out she had cancer and he was staying at a motel in th same town she was I told him I was going to stay with him for the night to go check on my aunt and he said I don’t care what you do but you’re not staying with me and this town was 3 1/2 hours away I cried and cried how can someone be so chrome with your newborn baby and your six-year-old actually for five-year-old but at the time 4 and 5 this was last summer it just blow my mind I said you would want us to drive all night to come home then stay with you he said do what you have to do when my aunt found out that she had cancer it was at 3:00 so that’s why I would have to come home that late but it didn’t stop there he booked me plane tickets to go see my family even when I told him I don’t want to go he would get oht of my bed at night to walk out street talking on the phone to his gay lover I would call he would answer I would text and then I would say I’m calling your mom and dad I’m worried where u are its 4:00 in the morning now then he would call and say he could sleep because of the Adderall He was taking to lose weight and that’s why he could never have dev with me and if he did he went Limp And blamed it on that I loved him so much and still with him I found out before Christmas

    before I found out I tried to kill my self by jumping out of a moving car him driving me him I seen the call logs for 9 months night and day they never got off the phone 250 mins as one of them the shortest phone call as 90 mins and they started at 7 in the morning till 12:00 then he would get out of bed and all the roads talking all night when I was worried something happen to him I would scream I love you please if it’s some one else till me we can work this out I love you he would tell I don’t love you and I don’t want to be married any more but I don’t want a divorce so he could send me to the point of me going crazy but stills needs there so he could be a song leader and a pastor but treat me like trash and tell me how much he hate me and how I work ever never in his body

    I wanted to go to downtown Chicago always had for 10 years and come to find out he got him a 300 dollar room there a king size bed to gets his love making on he would never do oral sex with me said it was t rights but yet I looked up he went to 6 different dictores scared he had herpes and he did have bumps on his junk I found condoms I his bad when ever I would get back from where he sent me and then use them on me as a 1 2 3 we done don’t kiss me don’t touch me just let me score you once a week so you don’t complain His the most disgusting thing o ever seen seen I left hi on the drive to take me home for Thanksgiving going to work in California I didn’t want him to go I had the feeling it wast good I had found out he had man out there to from the call logs named angle my my what a secret life h lived my husband I like I said found out about the boy friend of 9 months Joe haddad from Chicago his a chiropractor or in school to be one. And knew he was married with 3 kids and the best part wasn’t the bumps he gave me and my baby and my other two kids scabies not once but 2times don’t trust no one if your gut tells you something is not right guess what it’s not right

    I married to a low life scum who thinks his done nothing wrong and I’m going to keep his Secret But yet he stands for people whose against gay and gives money to the dear bakery woman who refused to make a lesbian cake and is all against gay marriage And thinks it’s so sick and figjts people on Facebook can you say bipolar because he is just pray ready to get out things was great before this until he decided to go gay I never knew until the affair that he was gay I ask him would you have ever told me he said no and he still won’t call it gay he called it a friendship wit friendship b a man so getting a king-size bed and having oral sex and stick your tongue down a mans throat And having sex in the ass is just fiend ship yall so women you deserve so much better I’m living in hell I want to leave hi.m his gay he will never love me yes he loves me but never love me sexually so pray forme to move on with my life because it hasn’t got better that you

  3. i don’t have proof that my husban is cheating I just have a feeling he did do it in the past.. But I have access to everything and I don’t find anything.. N also i check and he doesn’t have another phone.. What should I do.. Every time I confront him about it he tells me he is not doing anything all he does is go to work and come back home.. I need an advice please

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