Light the Olympic Flame in your Marriage

The BBC had a wonderful trailer encouraging those with Olympics-mania to follow the Olympic torch.  The flame left Greece months ago and after traveling around the entire world, the Opening Ceremony would be culminating with the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.  Watch the official BBC video:

Did you notice something interesting about the flame? There was a completely black screen and the flame began with just one, bright dot. From that ONE spot of fire grew another dot and another until finally images were made that crossed oceans and lit the darkness entirely.

Lighting the Olympic Flame in your marriage–especially after infidelity–can be like that too.  At first that one small dot of light doesn’t really seem all that big does it?  And doing one small “loving act” may not see that big either, but to reignite the blaze of passion that has gone out in your marriage, it starts with one small spark and grows from there.

And how do you create the “one small spark”?  Well if you have read “Our Basic Concepts” then you already know that the love in your marriage is like a fire. Actions such as name-calling, scorekeeping, withholding sex as punishment, overspending, or attacking your spouse are called Love Extinguishers because they “put out” the flame.  And actions  such as admiring your spouse, forgiving them, tenderly touching them, providing for your family or living by the agreed-upon budget, and standing by your spouse in times of turmoil–these kind of actions are called Love Kindlers, for they kindle the flame of love until they blaze brightly.  One small spark can lead to another, and another and another. By stopping those actions that extinguish the flame…and doing even small actions to kindle the flame, the passion in your marriage can once again look like this Olympic cauldron:

The Alabaster Jar

2 thoughts on “Light the Olympic Flame in your Marriage

  1. One small spark to re-ignite! I love it. One small spark makes rebuilding so less daunting. Great post.

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