Happiness Month! Day 1: Amazed

YAY!  It’s here!  It’s here!

 Today is the beginning of Happiness Happens Month!!  This all started at the Secret Society of Happy People and if you want to pop over there and become an Amused Member, you can get a Free 31 Types of Happiness poster.  As you can tell, I’ve been a member for a long, long time.

This month we’ll be going over all 31 ways to Add Happiness Every Day.  You know too often I hear young people say “He doesn’t make me happy” or “I wish she would make me happy” but you know what?  Happiness is not something that someone else “makes” you feel.  You make choices in your life that can affect your happiness….and ultimately you CHOOSE whether to be happy every day or not.  You can also choose to do things that would add happiness to your life every single today.

Today, to add happiness to your life, choose to do something AMAZING (with your spouse) or choose to BE amazing!  The word “amazing” is an adjective that means “Causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing” or “Startlingly impressive.”  What can you do today to cause your spouse great surprise and wonder…for free?  Could you kidnap him from work for a lunch picnic?  How about writing her a poem?  (Yeah I know you’re not a poet but it would definitely surprise her!)  How about wearing some AMAZING lingerie and letting him know so it’s “your little secret”?  Or how about lighting all the candles in the house and watching that Chick Flick she has been bugging you to watch?  All these things would surprise, astonish or impress your spouse…so get busy being amazing today…and add some happiness to your life!


5 thoughts on “Happiness Month! Day 1: Amazed

  1. Thanks for the heads up to SOHP! Somehow I have missed them, and will be heading over for a look. So glad to see others spreading happiness. It is about being happy and content where you are, and I love your call to do something amazing. Thanks for the lift!

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