Happiness Month! Day 9: Delight

Today is Day 9 of Happiness Month and it will be continuing all month long. This all started at the Secret Society of Happy People and if you want to pop over there and become an Amused Member, you can get a Free 31 Types of Happiness poster. As you can tell by my daily #HappinessHappens tweets and Facebook posts, I’ve been a member for a long, long time!

Today, to add happiness to your life:  Delight!  Some things are just delightful, like the laughter of a child (see above).  The word “delight” is both a noun and a verb.  As a noun, it is something that brings great pleasure, as in “The little boy’s laughter was a delight”.  As a verb, the definition is pleasing someone greatly or causing a high degree of gratification, as in “She delighted in the little boy’s laughter.”  The noun names something–the verb calls us to DO something.

So what can you do today to delight your spouse?  I realize if they are involved in an affair, it can seem counter-intuitive to delight them, and I’m not advocating that you sweep the consequence of infidelity under the rug.  But “back in the day” when you and your spouse first met, you did things for them and with them that just brought them delight.  Maybe you wrote love poems or sent little gifts.  Maybe you surprised them with a little chore like washing their car without being asked.  Maybe you played with them or told them out loud how much you liked them or things that you liked about them.  These things DELIGHT your spouse and bring delight do your marriage and your life.

Over the next days, we’ll be going over all 31 ways to Add Happiness Every Day. You know too often I hear young people say “He doesn’t make me happy” or “I wish she would make me happy” but you know what? Happiness is not something that someone else “makes” you feel. You make choices in your life that can affect your happiness….and ultimately you CHOOSE whether to be happy every day or not. You can also choose to do things that would add happiness to your life every single today.

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