Happiness Month! Day 13: Give

Today is Day 13 of Happiness Month and it will be continuing all month long. This all started at the Secret Society of Happy People and if you want to pop over there and become an Amused Member, you can get a Free 31 Types of Happiness poster. As you can tell by my daily #HappinessHappens tweets and Facebook posts, I’ve been a member for a long, long time!

Today, to add happiness to your life:  Give!  Sometimes life feels negative because we become so focused on “what’s in it for me?” To increase your happiness…give some away! Give of yourself and your time, and give selflessly.  The word “give” is both a noun and a verb.  As a noun, it is a word that names and it means:

  • Capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity

As an example, you might say “Those jeans have a certain amount of give, and that’s how they fit her so well.”  LOL  Looking at that meaning though, how much “give” to you have in your marriage?  Do you have the capacity to bend?  Can you alter your opinions and expectations when you two are under pressure?  Are you easy-going and able to “go with the flow”?  If not, maybe this is an area of your life you could practice changing to add happiness to your own life and to your marriage.

As a verb, it is a word describing ACTION…there’s something we need to DO.  It means:

  • Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)

As an example, you might say “We chose to give her a necklace for her birthday.”  Using the word this way, how often do you give to your spouse?  Do you transfer possession FREELY?  Or do you keep score of how often you have done it and s/he hasn’t?  Or do you do it grudgingly and with resentment?  Do you jealously want to keep it yourself?  How often to you give of yourself, you thoughts, your feelings and your time to your spouse?  If you look at these questions and realize that you are not willingly and lovingly giving, maybe that’s an area of your life where you could increase your happiness.

Over the next days, we’ll be going over all 31 ways to Add Happiness Every Day. You know too often I hear young people say “He doesn’t make me happy” or “I wish she would make me happy” but you know what? Happiness is not something that someone else “makes” you feel. You make choices in your life that can affect your happiness….and ultimately you CHOOSE whether to be happy every day or not. You can also choose to do things that would add happiness to your life every single today.

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