Question of the Week: 8/12-8/18

If your spouse had an affair, how did their affair start? If you were the one who had the affair, how did it start?

2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 8/12-8/18

  1. My husband had three affairs. All three were with employee’s of his. Two were “just sex” and the third was more emotional along with physical. He would have had a fourth, but she declined his advances, called HR and he was fired for sexual harassment.

  2. My husband had the affairs. They were actually a series of one night stands with several different women. I’m not sure how many there were total and I’m not sure he remembers all of the different ones. He recalled 3-4 but I think there were probably more. It began with an addiction to pornography from a young age for him (he found his Dad’s materials). The addiction grew and grew until he was visiting online dating sites seeking sex. I don’t think knowing exactly how many women would ever actually make me feel better. I know enough and that’s all I need to know. Thank you for your ministry! If it were not for sites like yours and other couples we would probably be divorced.

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