…A hospital is no place to be sick!

Wow, sorry for that little blog break.  My Dear Hubby and I went to the Emergency Room last Tuesday, and little did I know it would turn into a week-long adventure in hospital navigation!

Just so you know, he’s okay.  He walked into the ER feeling pretty bad, and he could BARELY breathe–it was as if he was gasping for breath after just a few steps–so we went just to have it checked out.  It turns out his blood pressure was so high that he should have been having a stroke right then and there!  So he was admitted.  They gave him medications to control his blood pressure, so that is much better now.  And we did find out that he has a very healthy heart, he is not diabetic, there is no kidney damage, and he doesn’t have any nodules or nodes or things on his lungs.  The less great news is that he has COPD caused by a mix of genetic predisposition, breathing fiberglass as a younger man in a factory, chronic asthma, and a very long-term chronic bronchitis.

I do realize that his diagnosis and prognosis are kind of personal, but I choose to share because it was quite an ordeal.  I thought it might be relevant to the future of this blog and site.  But mainly this hospital visit taught me a few things:

  • “In EVERYTHING give thanks, for this is the will of God in christ Jesus concerning you.”
  • Spend time every single day telling your spouse you love them because it honestly may be the last day they are with you
  • In times of trouble, there are friends who love my Dear Hubby and I whom I can turn to, and that is very comforting to know
  • Our pastor and our church are GREAT!  We love them!
  • If something is a priority…spend time doing it.

Soooo…I’ll be back to the Love Extinguisher series in a bit, maybe even later today, but for right now I’m going to enjoy being HOME (and not in the hospital), I’m going to be present in the present and sip some coffee with Dear Hubby, and I’m going to Praise God for His kindness toward us.

2 thoughts on “…A hospital is no place to be sick!

  1. Praying for a complete recovery and healing in Jesus’ name. The Lord healed my lungs–scarring, asthma, and bronchitis–2 years ago. The pulmonologist said I had COPD and tested me for sarcoidosis, lung cancer. All negative! Thank You Jesus! I thank God for healing me completely! I pray He performs a miracle in your husband’s life on his road to being healed according to His willl. Take care!

  2. Cindy, I am so glad your dear hubby is out of the hospital and that his diagnosis is treatable. You are absolute right. Never take the day for granted.

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