Back in the Saddle Again…

We had started a series on all of Affaircare’s Basic Concepts for “Back to School–Back to Basics.” We were planning to have four series on “Love Kindlers” “Love Extinguishers” “7 Steps to Ending the Affair” and “7 Steps to Reconciling” for this wonderful month of September when everyone heads back to school. But…God intervened and sent us a bit of a medical emergency!

We had gotten through the Love Kindlers, and had just started the Love Extinguishers when God pushed the PAUSE button and Dear Hubby had to go to the emergency room. That turned into a one-week stay in the hospital and boy–if he’s there so am I! Thanks be to God, and the wonders of medical science, Dear Hubby is feeling somewhat better and we’re home now, so we’ll be completing Love Extinguishers this week.

I have to say Love Extinguishers are the topic I dislike the most–know why? It’s so convicting! I see myself in so many of these actions that put out the blaze of love, and yet I also know that if I am honest with myself that I do them, I can also grow in God and become the wife He wants me to be.

Glad to be back in the saddle!

The Alabaster Jar

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