Question of the Week Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st

How many chances do you give a spouse who has cheated?

Is it one chance, and then the second time it’s over?  What about second chances?   What if they only had one affair, but didn’t tell the whole truth right away…how many chances do they have to come clean and tell the whole truth?  How do you decide when you are DONE and there are no more chances?

4 thoughts on “Question of the Week Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st

  1. Being so blindsided the first time I would not have been able to control the scalding geyser of emotions. That would have turned separation into a war. If she cheats again then she will no longer be welcome in our home. The children cannot be protected from selfish stupidity a second time. She can have the welfare case loser and his welfare shack. After she signs a decree and cooling off begins then I’ll entertain pathetic begging. The children can visit her at the alcholic’s shack. Bottom line: I don’t provide for disloyal and disrespectful liars. I have earned better. I refuse to believe that the world is void of considerate partners. In other words, the grass is greener especially when this pasture is burdened with a neglectful selfish partner wasting the familiy’s resources on pathetic affection from a pathetic lover. [edited]

  2. There will be no second chances in my house. He knows the hell that his infidelity caused the first time. If he chooses to do it again, he does not deserve grace and mercy. Even the Bible allows for divorce in the case of adultery.

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