Question of the Week: March 3rd – 9th


What was it that finally convinced you it really was cheating and not “just a friendship”?

5 thoughts on “Question of the Week: March 3rd – 9th

  1. In the email I found he used the phrase “more than friendship” which made it pretty clear to me. He could explain away a lot of stuff, but not those words. Eventually I came across some additional clues and he confessed.

  2. I find your views, Cindy at AffairCare unhelpful in the extreme. Who are you to stand in judgement? What gives you so special an insight into marriage. So, your opinion is that whatever abuse – emotional or physical, a man or woman is experiencing in the marriage, he/she should not seek solace and comfort and kindness elsewhere? Divorce is sometimes the only answer and to subject kids to witnessing two people so unhappy that they and kids lead no life at all, is the height of inhumanity. Have some understanding, kindness and generosity of spirit and don’t stand in judgement about something you have no knowledge about.

  3. I found out about my wife’s infidelity when I found a survey from Ramada Inn in our email. I had suspected for months. She sent up a new gmail account and a new priceline account and somehow it came to our shared email. Thank you GOOGLE! That was 14 months ago. Still married and getting better slowly. God has blessed us with an extraordinary pastor.

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