Question of the Week: May 5th – 11th


If you suspected your partner of cheating, how would you approach them?

1 thought on “Question of the Week: May 5th – 11th

  1. God help my husband if he ever cheats again. He swears it was foolish stupidity that will never be repeated. I hope that’s true!! But if he was dumb enough, and I suspected something was wrong, I would approach it differently. When he had an affair 2 years ago I exploded when I found out. I absolutely freaked out. I think this time I would bide my time, gather as much evidence as possible, and try to bust him in the act. And then I’d kick him out of our house and file for divorce, end of story. He gets his one and only 2nd chance now. If he ever cheats again there are no more chances. It’s done and over. I am having a hard enough time forgiving what already happened. I won’t be a doormat for a serial adulterer.

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