Question of the Week: May 26th – June 1st


What stages did you go through after discovering your spouse was having an affair?

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: May 26th – June 1st

  1. I went through the following stages:
    Denial & Isolation – Shock
    Depression and thanks be to God I am now at acceptance.
    I went through a bereavement, though no life was lost my marriage died, however like a caterpillar that dies in a cocoon it can still evolve even in the death process into a butterfly.

  2. Shock, devastation , anger. I can’t get past the anger. Infidelity was always a deal breaker but here I am trying to reconcile because of my 2 kids &28 years invested in this man. I would love to know how you got to the acceptance stage.

    1. Time and prayer has helped me get through the acceptance stage, I am still going through it. However I realised that what he has done has no bearing on my purpose or destiniy in God nor can it or will it change Gods will in my and for my life, therefore in many aspects if the situation does not stop your purpose it is irrelivant. As long as Gods purpose is fulfilled in our lives that is all that matters. The obstacles sent by the enemy to derail us need to be put into perspective when looking at the bigger picture. If someone can do something that stops Gods will in and for our lives then you have to ask yourself if the desires you have are from God. No one has that much control that they can stop your purpose and if they do then you have to question it. Whilst adultery is a very serious offence against marriage and God use it to move you and not stop you.

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