If you use Gmail to get the Affaircare Newsletter…you need to read this!

Last week, Gmail made some changes to your inbox that you may not have even noticed.  Gmail added “Category Tabs” to the inbox.  Now, their plan was that emails that match certain criteria would be automatically sorted, so your inbox is easier to manage.  Sounds kind of nice, right?

UGH!  Wrong! 

By default, the categories are “Primary , Social, and Promotions” and sometimes people also see “Forums and Updates.” See the picture right here, where I have the Promotions tab highlighted in red:


What do these tabs mean?  Well…Gmail decides FOR YOU, rather than allowing you to decide or filter.  Forums is supposed to filter emails relating to groups and forums–for example, your mailing list subscriptions.  Social groups all social networking messages together (surprise, right?).  Updates tab gathers emails that Gmail thinks are receipts, bills and statements. The Primary tab is the catch-all for other emails.  But the one that’s a little wonky is the Promotions tab.  Promotions is fairly self-explanatory, you’d think — it’s all of your offers, marketing mail, etc.

And these Category Tabs might be cool, if Gmail had allowed us to customize tabs for ourselves–like filter what does or doesn’t go into them, or make our own like a “Family” tab.  That would be GREAT!  But sadly that’s not how it works!  These are the only five tabs we can have, we can’t choose what goes into them or even rename them!

Here’s why this matters to you:  In a lot of cases, Gmail labels newsletters you’ve signed up for and asked for as “Promotions.”

That means, our weekly newsletter full of content you want because you want to save your marriage after an affair, will be featured alongside spammy marketing emails!!  That is so uncool!

People who opted in to our mailing list — and double confirmed their email — may not get our newsletters because Gmail decided to but up this wall between Affaircare and our community!

How to Ensure You Never Miss an Affaircare Newsletter or an Email from Cindy and David at Affaircare

Now we know you like the updates we share — which is why you’re on our list.  You also know that our goal has always been to provide wise, godly content that will help you save your marriage.  Plus, it’s not like we spam and bother people who don’t want anything to do with us; we respect our community and if you ask us, we email you.

We are POSITIVE you don’t want to miss out on emails like our newsletter or the Respect Dare daily email,  letting you know something that can either make – or break – your marriage after an affair.

So if that’s how you feel, we’ll show you what to do so you don’t miss out on emails from us.

You have two options.

Option #1–Disable Category Tabs

First, are you like us?  If you are, you want to be in control of ALL the email that gets sent to you (as opposed to trusting some shifty algorithm).  Right now if you get an email from Facebook and Gmail sorts it into the Social Tab, the only place that has any notification there’s an unread email is if you are in the Social Tab–your Inbox doesn’t show an unread email at all so you miss that comment from Facebook!  NOT COOL.  So do what we did:

Click the little X at the top right of your inbox — next to the tabs. It’s kind of small so look closely at the screenshot right here:


Then, when that pops up, uncheck the “Social and Promotions” box, and click save:


Then you’ll revert to the traditional, much BETTER Gmail inbox where YOU are in charge of seeing every single email!  YAY!!

Option #2 — Put Emails You Choose into Primary Tab

If you want to keep those crazy tabs for some reason, maybe for your email amusement (giggle) , but you don’t want to miss out on emails like ours that you want, do this:

Step 1: Go to the Promotions Tab (like this):


Step 2: Find an Email from “Cindy and David at Affaircare” in your inbox. You can do ‘Control+F’ for Find, and then search for our name.

Step 3: Drag that email into your Primary Inbox.  Then, you’ll get an alert saying, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from affaircare@gmail.com?” And click “YES!”


Thank you for caring about Affaircare and wanting to share in a community that helps couples recover after an affair!


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