Question of the Week: Aug 4th – 10th


After an affair has been discovered, No Contact has been established and verified, and reconciliation has started… is it reasonable to want to talk about the affair?

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Aug 4th – 10th

  1. Yes…When answers to questions are slow in coming….or selective in that the information is only given if you ask the ‘right’ question or ask the ‘right’ way ….all kinds of manipulating the information is damaging as lying.

    Repentance is evidenced by transparent pursuit of accountability to the spouse who one has cheated on …for the rest of the marriage which is supposed to grow through this …even before cheating …or if cheating never happened…..until death do us part.

    Without this attitude of realizing the benefit of transparency and desire to be accountable there is damage ….which causes distrust, distance and damage

    It is worthless empty remorse without this .

  2. Absolutely yes. Willingness to answer leads to the betrayed spouse to learn to trust again & to help them work thru the pain of being betrayed.

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