Save Your Marriage Saturday – October 27th

I’m starting something a little new.  I’m changing Save Our Marriage Saturday!

We have a tradition here at Affaircare. We call it “Save Our Marriage Saturday”–and we’re sharing the love.  Link-love that is!  Every Saturday I used to do a link-up and let people link their blog here on Affaircare.  Today I’m starting something new.  Instead, I’m going to share with you the sites I follow so we can all help each other to save our marriages!

If you would like to share your post on any and all things related to saving your marriage after an affair, reconciling after you committed adultery, recovering your marriage after finding out that your spouse cheated, or keeping your marriage affair-free–please leave me a comment with a link!

A few other requests:

1. If you leave me a link in the comments, please link to an actual post, not just the generic address to your blog or site home page.  I don’t guarantee I’ll include your blog next week, but I do guarantee I’ll come take a look at your site decide if we are a good fit or not.

2. If you leave me a comment and/or follow us, I would love to return the favor, visit your site, leave a comment and follow you back!

3. Please share the love with your fellow bloggers–Read and leave a comment on at least the two blogs.

4. Please help me spread the word. Let’s create a community of Christian believers who want to bring glory to God by teaching our brothers and sisters about how to have a godly marriage, how to avoid the typical traps that lead to infidelity, and how to be a living testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation if one spouse is unfaithful.

5. Link back to this community, either by using the button below or a text link. You can find the button code here for you to insert in your post:


Without further adieu, here are the blogs I read:

  2. Why I’m Now Okay That It’s Called Domestic Violence by Elizabeth Klein Corcoran
  3. When you can’t just “get over it” by Elle
  4. Infidelity Counseling Network
  5. I AM NOT FEELING BETTER, BUT IT’S OK at Our Journey After His Affair
  6. When Your Spouse Refuses to End their Affair and Come Back to You at Affair Resources and Advice
  7. My 100th Post at A Year After the Affair
  8. 38 years. Woo-fucking-hoo! at Being Her, (the other woman)…
  9. Communication is challenging at Tales of a Jealous Wife
  10. The Hero’s Spouse–a forum
  11. Learning to be Vulnerable at Being a Beautiful Mess
  12. Peace of Mind After the Affair at Healing After My Husband’s Affair
  13. Where to Go…What to Do at Always Yours, Bee
  14. so these mlc’s at It Won’t Always be Bad…
  15. The Familiar Darkness at brokenbutstronger
  16. Using grief for good at Rescuing My Marriage
  17. Passion..for anything at whinywife
  18. Can you know too much? at Repairing Shattered Pieces
  19. PTSD after discovery of affair? Wow. at Renewing a Right Spirit
  20. Dear Chump Lady, Should I give him another chance? at Chump Lady ( I LOVE her site!!)
  21. Healthy Things Grow at Choose to Trust
  22. Back to Therapy at gettingoverhisaffair
  23. Clarity About the AP at Diary of a Warrior Princess…
  24. Priorities at Almost Spring
  25. His Affair with Derek at Silver Linings
  26. Life and Love Forever Changed at Shattered27
  27. ON MY TERMS at Lessons From the End of a Marriage
  28. The Scapegoat’s “Whatever” Prayer at Lilly Grace Brown

Sooooo…what have you been reading lately?

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