Question of the Week: April 27th – May 3rd


Did you confront too early? What happened when you confronted your spouse about their affair?

8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: April 27th – May 3rd

  1. He denied it, said they are just talking, talking about us. (Yeah, right). He finally came clean a week later. 6 months with my best friend!

  2. I confronted early, spoiled and ruined the affair before it could go anywhere. I can tell you serving divorce papers is very dangerous and may just get signed. This may be taken as a sign that the affair was justified a because the loyal spouse no longer loves him/her. You just made it easier for them to get out.

  3. Confronted my wife with the evidence that she had lied about her night out. She said she left her phone in the car outside of her girlfriends house while she went in another car. It took another 3 months for the truth to be revealed that she at a Disloyal Man’s home.

  4. I confronted too early! I knew something was going on via phone records. I also knew her. We were not friends but our daughters were. I wish I would have waited and followed him to catch him in the act. Instead I threw the phone records I copied in his face! He denied a “sexual” affair. Claimed it was “emotional”. I don’t believe it for a second!

  5. Is there ever a too early? I don’t believe there is. Any sign of an affair is a reason to confront. The longer you wait the longer it goes on. An affair is an affair emotional and/or physical it is a betrayal of the loyal spouse, period. There is no good excuse for an affair it is one spouse’s choice to be unfaithful. The amount of damage created in the relationship, family and social circle is devastating, may take years if ever overcome. It is a sad commentary on our society that it happens as often as it does.

  6. Yes, i suspected for a few months. Something in my gut tells me something is wrong.
    Confronted way too early now he is on alert. I know better to beleive he will change his habit as long as he denies doing it or even worse, said it was my fault because im not giving him what he wants.

  7. Early, wait, it’s all a journey of self discovery and what are we made of. The DS left emotionally a long time ago waiting, consciously or unconsciously to be tempted by sin. Sin makes you stupid. Confronted early, got burned, this continued for three more times over many months. The DS and OP just went deeper underground. My relationship with God has never been better, as I needed His strength to carry me through. I have honored my vows and trust she will honor hers. 70 x 7 is seems alot, when I am weak, He is strong.

  8. I caught him in the act. But because he didn’t make a connection he did not do anything wrong. I say the intent was there, therefore he guilty. He did make a connection, because I caught him

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