If you are thinking your kids are resilient….

If you are cheating and telling yourself that your kids will be okay…

If you think your kids will adjust after the divorce…

If you think your kids will accept and love the other person like you do….

If you think your kids will HATE your ex and reject them like you do…


…then , you NEED to listen to this:

If you talk down about your spouse to the children (whether you are the Loyal Spouse saying vindictive things about your Disloyal Spouse … or the Disloyal Spouse, justifying your affair by bad-mouthing the Loyal Spouse) you are telling your child they come from someone who is unlovable and wrong.

2 thoughts on “If you are thinking your kids are resilient….

  1. On the other hand my mother always talked UP my useless father and I wish she hadn’t. I wish I hadn’t learned to look to to his charm and fakery. I don’t believe in lying to kids like I was lied to. If he’s a horrible person who left for a slut, then I would have been better off knowing that as soon as I could understand it, really. None of it is on my mum. If he didn’t want me to feel bad he should have been a better person.

  2. This brought some awfully adult vocabulary and introspection to the video . I perceive this is just what a psychologist would express …perhaps even what a child would experience but I did not think it believable as it was ‘produced’ and acted. It ‘read’ like a script and not a child’s expression.

    Sorry, I would have been more touched by this if it has not been so micro managed in it’s presentation .

    Just my own opinion. I know adults hurt by their spouses unfaithfulness and divorce who might not even be able to express what they feel and how they recognize the loss due to divorce.

    And even adult children are a long way off from being able to identify the losses ….at least from the many I have known and also read the expressions they have published.

    Thanks for the effort anyway….also I don’t think that people entering into adultery or divorce will be the one’s to watch this or care enough to evaluate their behavior …the ‘fog’ and the ‘lust’ is what gets them to the place of deciding they ‘have ‘ to divorce or cheat.

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