Love Kindler #1 Emotional Commitment [Podcast]

How do people fall in love? How do you get that loving feeling back for your spouse after something like infidelity?

This month we are letting you know about our new “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” program by introducing you to our most Basic Concepts. This week we are going over the Love Kindlers and today is the very first one: Love Kindler #1 Emotional Commitment. What does that mean?




5 thoughts on “Love Kindler #1 Emotional Commitment [Podcast]

  1. please sign me up. Im going thru something now that I need all the help . My husband cheated and got on dating sites , I found out and he abandoned me, after 18 yrs. I am devastated.. please some one call me or email me……please get back to me. I need to talk to someone.

  2. My husband’s adulterous partner is a pharmacist who supplied him with testosterone, steroids, Hgh, and Viagra ( without a doctors prescription).
    How much influence does taking all these drugs have his brain (I know what they are doing south of the belt buckle) on feeling “he found the love of his life” and his choice to leave our family?

    1. Hi Maddy,

      Naturally we are not doctors and have not had medical training, so we can’t really definitively answer your question. However I have read on the internet that low testosterone can be a reason for lower libido, so it stands to reason that if you raise the testosterone, you raise the sex drive. As I understand it, Testosterone is a steroid hormone that decreases as a man ages, HGH is a growth hormone that people mistakenly think is “anti-aging,” and Viagra just helps a man with decreased circulation get and keep a woody.

      So I’m no doctor, but I’d say those guys were concerned about his sexual performance and took pills to try to do better. Did it mess with his brain and his decision-making abilities? Who knows! What I do know is that a Disloyal Spouse in the midst of their affair is NOT thinking clearly no matter whether they are on drugs or not.


  3. can you please send more of these, I only get once in a time… also can you send something to help me , my husband was caught on dating sites, left me abandoned and moved into with another woman after married to me for 18 yrs, I had no clue he was nothapy he said he was forever, I am devastated over this and cant get over him being with another woman and aftr we had so many memories.. Please help… thanks

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