Love Kindler #3 Physical Commitment [Podcast]

Do you keep telling your spouse you’re “too tired” for intimacy? Do you think they should love you for who you are and not for sex? Or are you so focused on sex that you push your spouse away?  Do you greet your spouse with sweats and a dirty t-shirt at night? Or are you so focused on your thighs or tummy that you don’t feel attractive, so you don’t give your spouse the opportunity to see how beautiful you are?

Our new program, “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” will teach you and how your spouse how to recover after infidelity.  To introduce our new program, I’m reviewing our Basic Concepts all month!

This week we are talking about the Love Kindlers, and this video is all about Love Kindler #3 Physical Commitment, the way that we have everything EXACTLY BACKWARD here in the USA, and what it means to create a marriage that is sexually expressive and intimate.




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