Love Kindler #4 Financial Commitment [Podcast]

Do you contribute to the income in your family? Can you discipline yourself to live within a budget.

Our new program, “90 Days to Save Your Marriage and Save You” will teach you and how your spouse how to recover after infidelity. To introduce our new program, I’m reviewing our Basic Concepts all month!

This week we are talking about the Love Kindlers, and this video is all about Love Kindler #4 Financial Commitment, meeting your spouse’s financial needs. Reach an agreement with your spouse about how the two of you want to live; how you want to support your family; and how you’d like to plan for your financial future.





2 thoughts on “Love Kindler #4 Financial Commitment [Podcast]

  1. This was great, Cindy!

    I’m huge into making sure that my wife and I are on the same page with finances.
    We both do accounting, budget, invest, and make sure we control our money and it doesn’t control us.

    I’m a HUGE Dave Ramsey fan! 🙂


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