Welcome to Affaircare!

There’s a lot to do here in our community, which is dedicated to committed, godly marriages.

If you are here because you just found out your spouse is having an affair, there is hope. Jeremiah 17:7 tells us: “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him.”  If you are here to make your marriage stronger after an affair or to build an affair-free marriage, we welcome you!

We have MANY WAYS to help you save your marriage from an affair or help you keep your marriage affair-free:

First take a look at our “Articles” page to start to learn about affairs and infidelity–how it happens and why.  Get to know our basic concepts, our terminology, and our steps.

Next, you may want to enjoy some of the questionnaires on our “Quizzes” page. These questionnaires are specially designed to help you and your spouse learn more about yourselves and identify ways in which you are different and ways in which you compliment each other.

Our new book is now available: “Caring for Your Marriage After an Affair”

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If you would like to talk to the Affaircare community, we encourage you to comment on a blog post and get responses from our regulars. On the other hand if you just have a Prayer Request, just leave it here as a comment and we’d be happy to pray for you and for each other. 

If you need more specific nouthetic coaching, you can contact us many, many ways! Check out our “Contact Us-Fees” page or email us at so we can speak to you and your spouse together and help lead you back to reconciliation.

If you would like daily encouragement, bible verses about promises, daily marriage tips, Love Dare and Romance Calendar reminders, you can “follow” Affaircare on social media:


Finally, do you want to use one of our articles?  Cool!  Feel free!

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20 thoughts on “Affaircare

  1. Am enjoying reading through your blog. Have you posted anything on how we may support close friends or family members dealing with challenges? Would love to hear from those who know what really helps.

  2. I have to say what I think you are doing is great! I wish this were here or that I had found it when my marriage was in trouble. My husband and I are so meant to be, After being apart for 6 months we got back together on our anniversary. I told my husband it was fate. For those that are having a ruff time hang in there and try to keep your head high and faith strong. God Bless!

  3. I think I am somewhere between stages 3 & 4. I am battling terrible thoughts and images in my mind of a number of affairs I just learned about over a 9 year period. I feel like my mind is wracked with constant turmoil, and I just want peace so bad, I can’t stand it. My husband has come back home and is seeking psychiatric help. It seems I am swinging from fighting for my sanity, trying to silence or kill of the bad thoughts and imagery that pop up just about all day long to falling into a deep depression. I have learned that there were only brief stints of time in our marriage my spouse was not having some type of an affair. When I pleaded for reconciliation, I was not aware of that. I don’t want everyone in my home to be swept under with me, or to feel as if I love them less because I have hardly any zest or joy at the moment. Sometimes I am okay. I can laugh and play with my kids and be goofy, but it seems like my “batteries” run down rather quickly, before I want to retreat and hide my head under the covers and sleep my life away (though I am not actually doing that). Do you have any suggestions on how to combat the horrible imagery or thoughts? Or how to combat the nasty grip that depression keeps trying to lay hold on me?

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