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Our new book is now available: “Caring for Your Marriage After an Affair”


So your spouse is having an affair–HOW do you save your marriage?

“That is ultimately the question that everyone asks,” according to David and Cindy Taylor.  “If my spouse has cheated on me, how in the world can I take care of myself and take care of my marriage?”

For more than a decade Cindy, founder of Affaircare, and her Dear Hubby, David have helped couples answer those very questions. Couples who fought over everything and felt hopeless.  Couples who had separated.  Couples in which one spouse had said, “I love you but I’m not IN love with you.”  In working with the couples, David and Cindy discovered that there are many myths about affairs, and that, contrary to popular belief, affairs are not love stories!

So David and Cindy responded by writing this book.  Based on the two proven “Seven Steps” programs, that they developed by successfully helping couples, this book will not only show you how to survive through infidelity, but also how to recover and build a strong, happy, loving marriage!  The book offers tips that are counter-intuitive but that WORK!  “Affaircare: Caring for Your Marriage After an Affair” will show you:

  • What is and is not an affair
  • How affairs start
  • The stages of an affair
  • Steps to ending an affair
  • Steps to rebuilding after an affair
  • How to live “happily ever after”

This is not a pre-marital book.  Nor is this just another psycho-babble book about how you feel about your mother.  This book is practical, pragmatic, and powerful, and it will give you things you can do RIGHT NOW to create a better, more satisfying, happier marriage for both of you!

So are you still reading this?  Click “Buy Now” and start saving your marriage right away!

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