What Can Happen When Your Spouse Writes to “An Old Friend”

They first start catching up, and it’s all “How you been doing? What have you been up to?”Then it would have morphed into talk about:

  • What they’ve been doing since they parted
  • Their significant others since they parted
  • Their families
  • Their favorite music, movies, etc.
  • Their spouses
  • You
  • Your job
  • How your job keeps you away
  • How lonely they gets when you’re away
  • How they looks forward to their conversations all the time now
  • How s/he loves talking to him/her
  • How s/he gets “bored” talking to you
  • How you don’t always listen
  • How you’re not “perfect”
  • How you can be so insensitive sometimes
  • How s/he wonders if s/he would have stayed with “the old friend”
  • How the “old friend” understands him/her
  • How  “old friend” knows how to make him/her feel good
  • How you fail at this
  • How you are such an a**hole
  • How s/he feels young again
  • How s/he hasn’t felt this happy with you in so long
  • How the  “old friend” is a better person than you’ll ever be
  • How s/he wants to see the  “old friend” again
  • How they can meet under the radar
  • How s/he has thought of leaving you
  • How s/he ever could have fallen for a jerk like you
  • How the  “old friend” is his/her soul mate
  • How s/he made a big mistake leaving the  “old friend”
  • How s/he made an even bigger mistake marrying you
  • How they were meant to be together…

…get the picture?

Thanks to F-102 at Talk About Marriage!!

2 thoughts on “What Can Happen When Your Spouse Writes to “An Old Friend”

  1. I can certainly relate to this when I read some old Facebook messages where her friend talked about his regrets, how much he thought of her, and how bittersweet it was to see her now.

    Needless to say, my wife still believes these messages weren’t a big deal.

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