Welcome to the AffairCare Discussion Forum!

Before participating in the forum, please follow these guidelines:

  1. First read our Basic Concepts.
  2. Next you may want to look over the Articles for a reference.
  3. Finally, you may want to register on the forum and then follow our Get Started Walk-through.

This is a discussion board. It is not a coaching session or a nouthetic counseling session, nor is it meant to be. The one-sidedness of dealing with half a couple, the anonymity, and the inability to see the bigger picture based on a public posting make it impossible to do more than give thoughts and recommendations on a general basis. However, human dynamics being what they are, generalizations when it comes to dealing with infidelity are often right on target. The insights others have gained from their own experience, and the support they can offer, is invaluable.

The advice given is NOT to be construed as endorsed by AffairCare, unless David or Cindy Taylor is specifically named as the responder. It’s available to you as an opportunity to explore other people’s opinions as they relate to your problem.

Finally, we have some private forum boards that require special permission to access. The topics we address at our site are sensitive, and we do all we can to ensure our members’ safety. Doing so is difficult enough on a public infidelity forum, and for topics that have higher levels of sensitivity, we have created private spaces for discussion.

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