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Welcome to your summer of love!

Are you ready for this to be your most loving summer yet? Whether you are single, dating, in a relationship, married, or divorced, we have some great free gifts and resources to help you let all the love you deserve into your life. Check out all the gifts below and choose as many as you like. We are loving this summer of love!


Gift : Loving All of Me (Even Those Parts I Thought I Had to Hate!)

From : Aimee Serafini

We’ve all heard that to have love in our lives, we have to first love ourselves. But so many of us have that voice in our head that is constantly criticizing us, telling us we are stupid or a loser, and never letting us forget every mistake we have ever made. What if instead of having your own worst critic following you around 24/7, you could have your own best friend? If that voice was encouraging and supportive? Wouldn’t that help you love yourself? In this ebook, you will learn a simple 3-step process to begin to retrain that critic into your own best friend so that it can help motivate and inspire you to accomplish what you want in life.

Value : $19


Gift : Know When To Call The New Man In Your Life – and When Not To!

From : Mimi Tanner

Do you know when to call the man you are dating, and when not to – and do you know this so well that you can you relax and never wonder about what to do ever again? Do you know how to handle calls and email with your man in the ways that will cause him to think about you, call you, and pursue you?

Sometimes men don’t call when we want them to. Sometimes things start out well, but a guy stops calling later on, without explanation. What should you do – and what should you never do?

The way you handle phone calls, emails, and text messages will directly affect your success with the men you date. Find out when to call the man you are dating – and when not to – in these complimentary first two chapters from Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling and Emailing the Men You Date!

Value : $17.77


Gift : 3 Mistakes That Make Men Vanish

From : Marni Battista

Ready to say goodbye to the romantic rut? Let me help you turn it around right now with some powerful, complimentary advice. Dive deep into the hearts and minds of men so you can become a savvy, 21st century Dignity Dater.

Value : $47


Gift : Energetic Management System

From : Christel Hughes

Powerful 6 part downloadable video, audio & pdf system to transform yourself quickly and easily and master your energy!

Value : $277


Gift : Confessions of the World’s Worst Dater: Her 7 Secrets to Finally Finding Love After 40

From : Bobbi Palmer

If you’re a single woman over 40, scared you’ll be alone forever, and losing hope of ever finding that special are not alone, and it is not too late!

Bobbi Palmer, The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women Over 40, helps you Find Hope and then teaches you how to Find Him. Bobbi was a first-time bride at age 47, and enjoys a spectacular relationship with her husband. So she is not just a dating coach…she’s a dating success story!

Value : $19


Gift : FREE Video Coaching Series: How to Beat a Broken Heart BEFORE it Beats YOU!

From : Ellen Smoak

Internationally selling Author, Speaker, Host and Love Expert Ellen Smoak will teach you the secrets to beating your broken heart BEFORE it beats YOU. Rapidly becoming the go-to training for men and woman all around the world suffering from a broken heart, Ellen’s coaching will teach you exactly what to do starting right now to make sure that you not only heal from past or present pain FOR REAL this time, PLUS teach you how to finally rid yourself of negative beliefs and unhealthy patterns that keep you from succeeding in love. Grab your free video coaching series now! You have nothing to lose…Except your broken heart!

Value : $197


Gift : 21 Things About Men Every Woman MUST Know

From : Kim Sarassin

In this Ebook you will find “21 Tips” simply laid out that are your first steps to understanding who men are and KEY information that will unlock the door to the mystery and mind of men.

Value : $97.00


Gift : The 4 Principles to Being a Sensually Empowered Woman: How ANY Woman Can Eliminate Doubt and Create Self-Confidence, Enthusiasm and Feminine Power – RIGHT NOW!

From : Deborah Kagan

This complimentary video training consists of FOUR VIDEOS to help you solve the mystery of what it takes to succeed as a woman today. You’ll learn about the four cornerstones to sensual empowerment.

Value : $147


Gift : FREE 21-Day Friendship Workbook PLUS 50% off membership!

From : Shasta Nelson

This 21-Day workbook is filled with activities and journaling questions to help customize the teachings of “Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of Girlfriends”, into a more personal and meaningful experience. You’ll learn the 5 types of friends, evaluate your own relational needs, and put together a strategy to create more community in your life. Plus, get 50% your membership to– a women’s friendship matching site in 35 cities in the U.S. and Canada!

Value : $29.95


Gift : Expressing the Essence of Love

From : Mark Porteous

Love is the way. Practicing truth, compassion, and tolerance on a highly conscious level in ordinary situations provides the experience needed to grow spiritually.In this audio download with companion workbook we will ask ourselves important questions that will help us learn how these principals can guide any aspect of your life—personal, work, or family.

Value : $19.95


Gift : Letting Go to Let In: Your 7 Keys To Unlocking Lasting Love

From : Marcy Neumann

7 Keys to UNLOCKING lasting love for life. Prepare to let go and let in the love you’ve been waiting for. The BONUS preparing for love audio is also included

Value : $39.97


Gift : Body Shape Guide

From : Kimberly Seltzer

Your key to a wardrobe that works! In this guide, find out how to dress for your body shape.

Value : $9.95

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