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Here at Affaircare we do write about helping you and your spouse save your marriage after an affair. You can start at the Affaircare blog  or on the Affaircare website to start learning about saving your marriage, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel or iTunes podcast to learn even more!  There’s even an Affaircare app to keep you connected “on the go”!

We like to call ourselves visionaries.  That’s because we’ve been in your shoes, feeling the pain and betrayal of being the Loyal Spouse.  We’ve also felt the resentment and loneliness of being the Disloyal Spouse.  We know that in the darkest times it feels like it will never get better, and the temptation to just give up is enormous.  We are visionaries because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we would be happy to show how you and your spouse can get there, so you can envision it yourselves!

We want to help you reconcile your marriage. It will not be “the way it was” but it can be stronger, more mature, more intimate, and more loving.

The idea behind reconciling after an affair may seem overwhelming.  Won’t you be seen as a doormat if you don’t just immediately kick out your cheating spouse?  Will your spouse every forgive you or will there be a sword over your head forever?  These are the hurdles that must be overcome so that your marriage RECOVERS rather than just rug-sweeping the affair and ignoring it.

We talk too much. Follow the Affaircare blog or RSS feed to get updates when we post around the topics of infidelity on the blog.  Subscribe to the Affaircare Newsletter to get weekly help delivered RIGHT to your inbox.  Okay?  Cool.

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If you are okay with your marriage as it is or have no desire to work on yourself and build a loving marriage with your spouse,  we wish you all the best!



David & Cindy Taylor at Affaircare

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